Application Areas

Numerical simulation of a rotating detonation combustor  
Advanced Propulsion 
Sphere lab pressure vessel  
Ground Transportation 
Lean premixed prevaporized jet engine combustor.  
Sustainable Aviation 
Sustainable Energy 

Research Areas

Laser Lab  
Combustion Diagnostics 
Bluff body flame  
Combustion Dynamics 
Hydrogen jet flame in crossflow  
Emissions Reduction 
Measurements in a solid rocket propellant  
Energetic Materials 
Martian rocket fuel  
Fuels and Combustion Chemistry 
Flame kernels in supersonic flows  
High-Speed Combustion 
OH PLIF in a swirl flame  
Laminar and Turbulent Flames 
Multi-phase droplet tracking  
Multi-Phase Flows 
Jet in crossflow  
Numerical Simulations 
Plasma assisted ammonia combustion  
Plasmas and Plasma-Assisted Combustion 

Combustion Lab Groups

Genzale Group  
Genzale Group 
Prof. Tim Lieuwen  
Lieuwen Group 
Dr. Ellen Mazumdar  
Mazumdar Group 
Dr. Suresh Menon  
Menon Group 
Oefelein Group 
Dr. Devesh Ranjan's Group  
Ranjan Group 
Working with lasers and combustors  
Steinberg Group 
Prof. Wenting Sun's Group  
Sun Group 
Dr. Vigor Yang  
Yang Group